About Harvco

With deep roots planted in Southern Alberta, Harvco has been a part of Medicine Hat and neighboring communities for more than 15 years.

Harvco supports the growth and outreach local businesses require to meet their business objectives. By offering affordable, effective digital billboard advertising opportunities, Harvco connects companies with a large, targeted audience for maximum exposure.

Explore advertising opportunities for your business today!

  • Harvco has 7 high traffic locations in Medicine Hat and surrounding communities.

  • 1000's of vehicles pass by daily at each of our amazing locations, 24/7.

  • Harvco offers the largest LED digital billboard service in Southeast Alberta

  • Harvco can help you attract an multi-national audience along the Trans Canada highway traveling from Saskatchewan and the United States.
  • Harvco offers partner locations in Calgary and Lethbridge for greater exposure through our affiliate program.
  • Harvco billboards are designed with high resolution technology offering a stunning visual presentation.
  • All in house design is included with your advertising campaign.
  • Harvco offers multiple ad flexibility, so you can offer a wide range of products with no additional charges.